Grow your property with EstateX

Grow your property with EstateX

Bart de Bruijn, Chief Operations Officer at EstateX, explains our readers how to invest in real estate and earn tokens at the same time!

Your project seems to be a kind of some financial fund! What makes EstateX Project unique?

B: The EstateX Portfolio provides an ecosystem of solutions that will disrupt the real estate industry and revolutionize the future of property investment, lending and ownership. 

Enabling everyone to own a piece of a real estate investment with as little as $100. (No large amount of upfront capital required for a deposit, no mortgage, no credit checks, no lawyers and no other surprise costs.)

Providing very high liquidity on what has traditionally been an illiquid asset. 

Investors will receive rental payments daily. 

Empowering the investor with the tools, knowledge and expertise to choose where they want to invest their funds and into what type of property. Enabling them to create a diversified portfolio

Investors will be able to build an international real estate portfolio, owning fractions of properties (residential, commercial, industrial), in cities across the world.

On our secondary marketplace the PropXchange it’s very easy to sell your real estate to other investors.

Our EstateX Pay solution bridges the world of Crypto and FIAT, providing the holy grail of real estate investing: high liquidity - Investors will get virtual or physical payment cards enabling them to pay for their everyday goods and services with their real estate investments!

Investors will be able to use their fractional ownership of real estate investments as collateral to secure instant and permissionless loans up to 70% of the underlying property value.

Even with the pressures of a bear market, we sold out all presale rounds, raising more than 1.5M$ from our community of retail investors only.

TokenizeX - Tokenization as a Service 

Tokenization of assets ensures full legal and regulatory compliance. Institutional players are able to open up a private trading environment to trade their portfolio or parts of their portfolio between their clients and/or partners. 

This enables property owners to trade ownership of their asset to multiple investors instead of just 1

- Transfer of ownership can be done within seconds

- All property management and payouts arranged digitally on the platform 

- It’s now possible to release liquidity partially on the building and sell only a part of the asset. No need to sell in its entirely. 

LaunchX - Property Launchpad (IREO) 

Promotion, launch and sale of fractional ownership to our global community of retail investors. EstateX will be opening up the real estate market, making it affordable and accessible to everyone everywhere for as little as $100.

PropXChange - Secondary Marketplace for Trading of Assets

A marketplace where investors are able to trade their fractional ownership of real estate between both retail and institutional investors. 

CapitalX - Instant and permissionless loans

Instantly loan against your tokenized real estate with an instant and permissionless loan. No credit checks, no background checks and no lengthy paperwork process.  

EstateX Pay - Payment Card Solution

The revolutionary EstateX Pay system provides a DeFi-Offramp, that provides real estate investors with the high liquidity to spend their real estate investment on goods and services, with the conversion to FIAT happening at the point of purchase. This is something that has never been done before 

These high levels of liquidity and accessibility changes the perspective on managing your finances and investments.

$ESX Token - Payment and utility token

The $ESX Token is the lifeblood of the EstateX Ecosystem, used to facilitate the transactions across the EstateX economy. It is currently planned to go live on a CEX at the end of Q1. The Token can be bought/sold/ staked and is the mechanism facilitating daily rent disbursements to property holders. It also facilitates our revolutionary EstateX Pay system, is used for transaction fees on the platform and has a variety of ever growing use cases.

EstateX University 

Empowering the community with knowledge around financial literacy and investing. Influencer led courses to increase awareness around the methods and benefits of creating a passive income.

What is the geography of your project? Who can be your investors?

B: We accept investors from all over the world except for EU sanctioned countries. Currently, investors from North America can participate, but they must be accredited investors.

While introducing your $ESX Token you tell about its wide ranging and ever-growing number of practical use cases. Which are they?

B: The $ESX payment and utility token is the lifeblood of the EstateX Ecosystem. 

Facilitating transactions across the ecosystem, there will be a continuous buy pressure on the tokens. 

We have created a healthy ecosystem which vows for an upward trend on the chart. Some additional use cases are listed below:

• Daily rental payout in $ESX

• Facilitates our EstateX Pay system where you can pay with your real estate investments using our physical payment cards. DeFi Offramp enables $ESX to be automatically exchanged for fiat at the point of purchase.

• Transaction fees on the platform must be paid in $ESX

• Instant Finance arrangement fees paid in $ESX

• DAO/Governance

• $ESX can be used to pay for rent in tokenized offices, holiday homes, gyms and more.

• $ESX Token holders have access to exclusive groups and investment courses.

• $ESX Token holders have access to a premium investment coach twice a month to help them achieve their goals. Payments must be made in $ESX to access this.

What huge discount for the $ESX Token Presale are you talking about? What minimum amount of tokens should an individual buy to participate in your Presale?

B: Our first presale round offered a 50% discount on the listing price for the token. The discount has reduced over the rounds as we get close to the listing.

Investors looking to secure tokens ahead of listing will only be able to in the Private Round or from our Launchpad partner. 

Bonus purchases from $1000 and up get an exclusive token bonus and free revolutionary NFT. Our NFT’s have a whole range of innovative use cases. See below for the figures.

How would ESX Pay work? Would it be available to use ESX tokens as a currency at any web shops or will there be a list of available partners of a project?

B: The EstateX Pay solution won't be limited to just webshops. It will provide $ESX Token holders with a DeFi Offramp. Investors will be able to choose between a physical or digital payment cards that they can use like any other to pay for their everyday goods and services, or to withdraw as cash at an atm. 

The EstateX pay system is facilitated by our payment/utility token $ESX. When the card is presented for payment, the $ESX Tokens in your wallet are automatically converted to FIAT at the point of purchase. 

Should there not be sufficient funds immediately available on the payment cards, investors have the option to enable the auto-overdraft feature. When enabled, liquidity is provided through an instant and permissionless loan using their PropX Property Tokens as collateral. Alternatively, property owners will be able to quickly release liquidity by selling their PropX Property Token to another investor in the secondary marketplace.

This now makes it possible to pay for your everyday goods & services with your property portfolio.

Would an investor know in what particular real estate he will invest his money? 

B: Yes, absolutely! 

EstateX empowers our investors with full control in where they choose to invest their money. 

The platform will provide full transparency about each property including recent surveys, valuations and rental yield. 

With a minimum investment of only $100, we will be unlocking the market to everyone interested in investing in real estate. 

Investors will have full control over their investments, able to choose and build their own global property portfolio.

Unlike a fund or a REIT, where you are at the mercy of your investment manager when making investment decisions with your funds, EstateX lets you select your own portfolio and the type of real estate and locations you want to invest in. Whether it be residential in Amsterdam, commercial in London, industrial in New York or sustainable in Dubai. EstateX will make it possible and as simple as online shopping. 

You log into the platform, select an investment opportunity, click and buy!

Tell us more about your educational courses! Who can attend them and when?

B: EstateX University is a place where people could take courses to improve their financial literacy and knowledge about real estate and Crypto investing. 

A gamified platform provided for free to $ESX Token holders, students will receive NFTs for completing courses that unlocks rewards and gives them access to higher and more advanced tiers of training. 

Teach people how to trade, the risks and dangers of trading.

Provide content for people looking to invest in assets that help them build wealth gradually. Financial literacy, Real Estate, Passive Income, Crypto, DeFi, NFT's. 

Course will provide detailed knowledge in an adaptive yet simple manner using a mixture of media to engage and learn through Interactive modules. 

What are the conditions for staking $ESX tokens and when will this option be available?

B: We have 2 staking options for $ESX Token holders. 

Golden Staking is exclusively available for our presale investors only. Tokens can be staked for 1+ years and will receive 20% APY per year. 

Dynamic Staking will be available to all $ESX Token holders. The APY rate will be variable, but investors will be able to expect an APY of around 7%. Dynamic Staking is more flexible with a minimum staking duration of only 1 month.