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Fasttoken is an innovative solution, based on the Ethereum blockchain with the highest level of decentralization and security.
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What We Do

Fasttoken Blockchain Solutions is a blockchain technology brand that provides scalable solutions in the worlds of IT and Finances. Fasttoken is developed and currated by SoftConstruct, a leading IT solutions provider.

Our product portfolio includes decentralized sports platform, blockchain-based feed oracles, blockchainized supply management and e-commerce solutions, as well as electronic currency (cryptocurrency)-fueled financial services.

About SoftConstruct

SoftConstruct is a high-end IT service provider. The brand cooperates with over 700+ partners globally and has over 6000 employees and 20 branch offices operating in the EU, Asia, South America, North America, and Africa.

The enterprise offers a vast range of products and services including IT, VR, financial, agricultural, etc. and is an umbrella for over 11 trademarks such as Fasttoken, SoftConstruct, FeedConstruct, Spring BME, Ucraft, FastShift, PandaMR, Hoory, and so on.

Excellence and Experience

FTN is the official electronic currency of SoftConstruct. It will be integrated into the whole ecosystem of SoftConstruct, allowing all partners and end users to reap the benefits of tokenized economy by settling all their business arangements with any brand under the SoftConstruct umbrella using FTN. Being of Ethereum’s ERC20 standard, the token sale of FTN, along with the whitepaper and token distribution, will be announced in the coming month.

Our solutions aim to maximize proficiency and efficiency of doing business, while leveraging all the benefits of blockchain technologies to create highly pristine environments where everything is transparent, fair, and verifiable.


Blockchain Technology Innovations

Innovation is at the heart of our brand. Blockchain technologies have opened the gates towards a whole new world of unexplored territories and offer virtually unlimited potential for creating software that works faster, better, cheaper, and safer.


Conquering Complexity

The advantages of blockchain technologies are numerous, and even though they may be hard to exploit, we leverage every aspect of those through complex, yet seamless solutions.

The advantages of blockchain technologies are numerous, and we are going to leverage every aspect of those, even for the most complex industries.


Transforming the Conventional

Looking beyond IT, we’re using blockchain technologies to renovate and reimagine even the most convential industries like finances and supply chain management.

We strive to help our users make the most of their time and funds, and our products reflect this in a new, decentaralized way.


Securing Your Business

We build solutions that will reform the way we approach traditional experiences by making them better and more secure.

We think that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technologies in their daily, online operations be it transferring funds, operating websites, shopping for genuine products, or enjoying online entertaiment!

Why Fasttoken

  • Running on the Ethereum main Network - Fasttoken is based on the Ethereum blockchain, as it provides the highest level of decentralization and security. With the Ethereum 2.0 on the radar, Fasttoken is looking to grow organically and end up being hosted on the most superior network, outlasting the competition.
  • Official electronic currency of SoftConstruct - FTN is the official electronic currency of SoftConstruct, a leading IT solutions provider. With SoftConstruct's vast ecosystem, over 1 million active users, and 700 partners all over the globe, FTN will have numerous real-world use cases from day 1, which contributes immensely to organic growth.
  • Game-changing Technology - Fasttoken's second layer scaling technology has been specifically developed with end-user experience in mind. We make it possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite apps bolstered by all the benefits of blockchain technologies without compromising any aspects of security or user-experience.


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