Cesar Coin

Cesar Coin

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6 Des 2022

Cesar coin is new token idea on the world aims to provide its liquidity to charity solutions
90 Days
24 Nov 2022
25 Feb 2023
60% lengkap
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Tujuan 8 000 000.00 USD
Topi 4 000 000.00 USD
Detail Token
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Distribusi Token
%80 charity
%9 marketing
%1 team allocation
%5 coin
% blockchain
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United States
Perusahaan Didirikan
Oct 29, 2022
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BNB Smart Chain

Tentang Cesar Coin

CESAR COIN is the world's first token that can be earned for free. Cesar Coin bringing the new era in crypto world with multiple new features with full of benifits. FREE TOKENS: YES ! Cesar Coin is a earnable token forever and you can start earning by inviting your friends into our ecosystem. PROFIT: you can buy our token directly from our app cheaper than any other swaps and market price, because we want to help everyone to make profit. ECO-FRIENDLY: RCR Coin will plant a tree randomly every 800 tokens sold !, help us clean our nature. ATM-MACHINES: Our target is to spread crypto atm machines world-wide so you can easily exchange your tokens. RCR-CARD: Cesar Coin will provide golden crypto cards to it's customers, this card will act as wallet and can be used at crypto atms to exchange your assets. RCR-WALLET: You can store your tokens in our secure wallet.


Decentralized Platform Blockchain-based profiles, sign up now to earn rewards. Rewards Mechanism Our aim is to make profits for everyone !, you can easily download our wallet and start sharing your RCR-CODE to start earning free tokens! Trading Mechanism RCR wallet supports NFT's tradings and physical goods!

Info Teknis

Token     Name:     Cesar     Token     Symbol:     RCR     Token     Contract     Address: 0x4198aA0AedFa7D493664361b32F6295DC1a2529c  Total Supply: 975,000,000,000,000,000  RCR Chain: BNB Smart Chain   Token     Name:     Cesar     Token     Symbol:     RCR     Token    Address: 5BxSw1FWo2DZpYBshrHNfNKvoFFuuAhJjEnL9ikLdnM3 Total Supply: 975,000,000,000,000,000  RCR Chain: SOL  Solana

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  • Cesar Coin

  • Cesar coin is new token idea on the world aims to provide its liquidity to charity solutions

Cesar Coin Tim

Diverifikasi 100%

Hakan Be

Cesar Coin Wawancara

Hakan Be
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
as ceo and directing manager of this project i hope our project gets listed asap because our aim is to help everyone in crypto world
What do you think about idea?
as cesar coin our token is made to be used into charity solutions worldwide, because we tend to put this project into bigger crypto ecosystem
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